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Flight Training for Private Pilot to Commercial to Airline Transport Pilot – Including Instrument, Multi-Engine and CFI Ratings.

Why You Should Train With AMS Flight School

    • Part 141 Certified Flight School
    • Highly Experienced Professional Flight Instructors
    • Meticulously Maintained Fleet of Modern Aircraft
    • Pensacola FL has Ideal Weather for Year Round Flight Training
    • Partners with SkyWest and Other Commercial Airlines
    • Affiliated with Liberty University to Earn BS in Aeronautics
    • Rotor-To-Fixed Wing Transition Program
    • Package Discounts Available
Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

Our fleet of aircraft and our state-of-the-art facilities will put your pilot training on a fast track. Your flight training in modern aircraft with the latest navigation and performance systems.

Professional Instructors

Professional Instructors

Our professional instructors have thousands of flight hours in a wide range of aircraft. They provide an exceptional training tailored to meet the individual learning characteristics of each student.

Enroll Now!

Enroll Now!

Being a pilot is an exciting career. AMS Flight School provides top flight training with expert, certified instructors at affordable prices. Enroll now and become part of this exciting industry.

What Our Students Say About AMS Flight School

Rotor to Fixed Wing Flight Training
  • Fantastic, clean, and modern facility with exceptional instructors and staff! I enjoyed my time at AMS, and look forward to going back. John Lawler taught me more than just the rating I was training for, and those lessons made me a safer and more knowledgeable pilot. Chris, the chief pilot runs a tight ship at AMS, and I had the pleasure of flying with him a few times as well. All staff members were courteous, and very responsive, and I highly recommended friends and people interested in flight training to check AMS out!

    Tony P. Student Pilot
  • AMS Flight School has been amazing. From when I started tolling to the chief CFI Chris to my CFI John to even the front desk guy Corey. This school has been amazing. I feel like I am welcome and I am not “thought” but instructed on how to learn and gently corrected with an honest assessment, not just feel good words. I get actual criticism that is helpful and told where I should focus my improvements. I’ve still a long way to go but I feel John and the AMS will get me there. I’m not worried about how long so I’ve freedom to learn good fundamentals which will keep me safe and flying properly from my entire flight career.

    Craig D. Student Pilot
  • This is a great flight school. The staff is friendly and helpful. All of their instructors are very knowledgeable with many having several years of experience with major and regional airlines. If you want a top notch program at a great value I highly recommend AMS Flight School.

    Pilot Josh Student Pilot
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