CFI Ground School

CFI Ground School Course

Enrolling in our CFI Ground School Course, you will learn how to help people realize their dream of becoming a pilot. Flying as a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) is very rewarding, for both you and your student pilots. In addition, you will obtain knowledge and skills that will serve you well in your aviation career.

Benefits of Becoming a CFI

Achieving a Certified Flight Instructor certificate is a mark of excellence that few pilots attain. Many pilots become Certificated Flight Instructors to achieve the necessary experience that will allow them to obtain professional aviation positions. Choosing the CFI path to a professional aviation career brings you a number of benefits:

  • Accumulate flight hours towards your professional resume
  • Develop teaching skills and rapport by instructing others
  • Build experience and confidence as a pilot
  • And of course, you are paid to fly!

CFI Ground Course Description

Our CFI Ground School Course is a thorough, hands-on course of approximately 40 hours of instruction over the course of two weeks. With our course you will master the art of teaching aviation, both on the ground and in the cockpit, and covers the following topics:

  • Advanced Aerodynamics Concepts
  • Preflight and In-flight Cross-Country Calculations
  • Weight and Balance Principles and Calculations
  • Aircraft Control Instruction
  • Responsibilities of Flight Instructor
  • Flight Instruction Lesson Plans

For more information about our CFI Ground School Course, and to enroll, please call Christopher at 850-623-4704

Learn To Become a CFI At Florida’s Proven Leader In Flight Training

Flight Training for Private Pilot to Commercial to Airline Transport Pilot – Including Instrument, Multi-Engine and CFI Ratings. Why You Should Train To Become A Certified Flight Instructor With AMS Flight School

  • Part 141 Certified Flight School
  • Highly Experienced Professional Flight Instructors
  • Meticulously Maintained Fleet of Modern Aircraft
  • Pensacola FL has Ideal Weather for Year Round Flight Training
  • Partners with SkyWest and Other Commercial Airlines
  • Affiliated with Liberty University to Earn BS in Aeronautics
  • Rotor-To-Fixed Wing Transition Program
  • Package Discounts Available
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