Why get a Multi-Engine Rating?

Adding a Multi-Engine Rating allows you to fly a new class of aircraft. Often bigger, faster, and more complex, flying with more than one engine for some is an exciting challenge to be conquered. For others, the pathway to a career in commercial aviation. Regardless of your motivation, you will find a multi-engine rating a fun and rewarding way to expand your flying experience.


What’s involved?

The multi-engine land rating is an “add-on” to an existing single-engine land private, commercial, or ATP certificate. For this rating, both VFR and IFR operations will be emphasized. Essentially you have to earn the required endorsements from an authorized instructor and pass a check-ride with an FAA examiner. There are no specific hours specified; however, we have found that it takes around 10-15 flight hours to master the tasks required. While a multi-engine rating can be added to a private pilot certificate, in most cases it makes more sense to wait until a pilot has a commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating as this will save the pilot a substantial amount of money in the long run.


What are the prerequisites?

  • Pilot must have a current FAA medical
  • Pilot must provide proof of citizenship (Passport or Birth Certificate) or TSA approval.
  • Pilot must already be a single-engine private pilot.
  • Pilot should be current (Not required. However, additional hours may be required if the pilot is not current)

GI Bill Benefits

AMS Flight School is approved to process VA Benefits. This means that military veterans wishing to pursue training as a professional pilot can do so and receive reimbursement for eligible training expenses. Our school has a VA-trained staff member who is available to aid you through the process.

Eligibility for VA Benefits

Under the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, any eligible veterans are entitled to apply up to 12 months of benefit towards flight training each academic year beginning August 1st. Private Pilot training is ineligible for VA reimbursement. The VA views our Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot courses as the same course, so a maximum of 12 months of benefit can be applied to these combined courses. See the US Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more about reimbursement coverage and eligibility.

AMS Flight School is approved to process VA benefit reimbursement for the Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Single-Engine, Commercial Multiengine Add-on, and a rotary to fixed-wing transition course that allows helicopter pilots to skip earning their Private Pilot airplane add-on officially titled the “Commercial Additional Category & Class Course.”

AMS Flight School and Veterans

We offer a well-structured program and a flexible schedule to meet your needs. Our staff appreciates your service to our country and would feel honored if we can serve you in return.

Apply for VA Benefits for Flight School

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career as a commercial pilot, please contact us at (850) 623-4151 or send us a message at info@flymilton.com. We will be glad to assist you with the application process for both the school and for VA tuition reimbursement.


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